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  • August 11, 2013: Brabant Championship in Wouw.
    Tom Schellekens, Vice Champion with Chokotoff S. Class D-L.

  • February 26, 2013: Always several horses and pony's for sale
    Feel free to contact us at +31(0)6-53124810.

  • February 24, 2013, We want to congratulate some pupils of Wil with their results at the Brabant Championship in Roosendaal.
    3 place Class C-B, Britt van Rijsewijk
    11 place Class E-L, Carlijn van Dal
    10 place Class D-ZZ, Peggy Looymans
    Vice Champion Class D-M, Iris Looymans

  • February 17, 2013, We want to congratulate some pupils of Wil with their fine results at the Brabant Championship in Roosendaal.
    Champion of Brabant, Class B: Ruby de Kok
    Vice Champion Class Z: Jessy Looymans

  • February 13, 2013, Tom rides on Indoor Oosteind.
    3 Place Class D-L Kantje’s Prickle
    1 Place Class C-L Baileys
    2 Place Final Baileys

  • Stal Schellekens is looking for a experienced groom. Please contact Wil:

  • +31(0)6-53124810

  • USA Today (Heartbreaker x Capitol I), breeded by Wil Schellekens, wins the 1.45 m. op the JBK Horse Show in Odense with Robert Whitaker.

  • Augustus 19, 2012, Jessy Looymans: Substitue Champion Class M with Cayenne on the Brabant Championchips at Chaam.
    Iris Looymans: nice 7 place, Calss B with Quido on the Brabant Championchips at Chaam.
    Peggy Looymans: nice 6 place, Class Z(pony’s) with Happy-Boy on the Brabant Championchips at Chaam.
    We want to congratulate these riders, who are all trained by Wil, with their outstanding performances.

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Welcome to the website of Stal Schellekens, specialized in jumping, training and selling of sport horses.

Wil SchellekensSituated at the beautiful countryside, in the south of the Netherlands, on the outskirts of The Utrecht Estate, Stal Schellekens offers accommodation to 35 horses, ranging from foals to experienced Grand-Prix horses.



To keep the horses in topcondition, Stal Schellekens has several acres of pasture at it's disposal, an indoor arena of 20 x 40 metres, an indoor four-horse-walker, an indoor lungeing arena, an outdoor jumping area and plenty of space for riding in the surrounding woods.


A motivated team of co-workers is responsible for the daily supervision of the horses


On a regular basis Stal Schellekens has several competition horses at various levels and horses in training, available for sale.


Several horses, trained by Stal Schellekens, have already found their way to various countries.










Stal Schellekens has the Safety Certificate and is Aequor recognized.